DATE: 26th JUNE 2024 TIME: 6pm – 7.30pm LOCATION: Studio Bhāvanā, 3 Morland Avenue, Leicester, LE2 2PF COST: £14 / KWY Members £11.20 Open Your Heart – A Restorative Yoga Practice to Break Down the Walls Around Your Heart Relaxation is one of the most important practices to learn for mental, physical and spiritual well-being. We delve deeply into […]

Moving Deeper

Dear all, We’ll continue to explore the concept of Purusa – our true nature. Our focus for this week is “Moving Deeper” – fairly self explanatory! We’ll be refining our poses with further practice and elevating into various inversions, specifically suited to each class, to draw out both mental and physical strength. Where possible we’ll be resting in floating […]

White Horses with Black Ears

Hello and welcome, Our next block, “White Horses with Black Ears”, starts on Monday 18th September and is now open for booking. The inspiration for the block comes from Indian Mythology and the story of the Sage Gālava. The practices in our next block are designed around the themes commitment, perseverance and strength. Peak poses […]


Hello and welcome, This Monday we have our monthly restorative class and it is aligned with this weeks overall theme of PRATYAHARA – Patanjali’s eighth limb of yoga, the class is designed to soothe the senses, quieten the mind and aid restful sleep – details below, all welcome. We’ll continue in different ways in our regular classes this week […]