LEARN TO FLY:  Arm Balance Workshop – working toward poses that are complex, awesome & totally engaging.

Friday 5th April, 9.30am to 12.30pm at Studio Bhāvanā with Kim Woods (£30 – Email info@kimwoodsyoga.com to book)

Saturday 13th April 2024, 1.30pm to 4.30pm at The Space to Breathe with Kim Woods and Bhavesh Ramji (£30 Book here: https://spacetobreathecollective.as.me/schedule.php?owner=17909219&&PHPSESSID=bfgi1mhqid5h4fus8g10b5uhno)

Birds and their ability to fly were infused with spiritual meaning in ancient times. In Hindu mythology, birds were symbols of the soul and the form it took in between earthly lives. Certain birds were also the vehicles of the gods; for example, Garuda the eagle is often depicted carrying Vishnu. It’s not surprising that many yoga poses were inspired by birds. Even if we can’t fly, we can add flexibility, strength, and a touch of grace through practicing the bird inspired poses. In this workshop we’ll break down the elements required for Crow pose (possibly leading to Peacock pose), Bird of Paradise pose, and Supported Headstand (possibly leading to Feathered Peacock pose). Expect to explore and redefine your limits, both physically and mentally. Deepening your awareness and further developing your personal practice by focusing on the detail of what it takes to lift off and feel the lightness that enables you to fly!

What to expect:

Learn to safely navigate these challenging poses: Understand the elements required to effectively journey toward these flying poses, gaining insights into the mechanics of balancing strength and flexibility with grace.

Strength and flexibility drills: Targeting shoulder and core strength, as well as opening front, back and side lines of the body.

Anatomy exploration: Gain a deeper understanding of anatomy, empowering you to move with intelligence and awareness in your practice.

Mind and body connection: Cultivate a conscious connection between your mind and your body, enabling you to approach advanced poses with heightened awareness and mindfulness.

Peak poses: You will be guided through peak postures such as Crow pose, Bird of Paradise, Headstand, Peacock, Feathered Peacock Pose.

Land safely: The workshop will finish with a guided relaxation.

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