In class this week – Moving From A Foundation Of Contentment theme continues but with lots of new asana, our focus this week – “Let Go”.

Christmas wish lists – Liforme mats, Yoga Studio mats, cork and foam blocks and bricks – great choice of colours and good discounts for packages ….. free quality incense with every order.

30 Days of Yoga for SAMARITANS – Thank you so much to everyone who has joined in-person, via zoom or had the recordings for the 3 restorative yoga classes – so far we have raised £495!!! Amazing, I am so grateful to you all for joining in and supporting me and giving so generously. Two recordings are available still if you would like them. The final class, “Inhale, Exhale – restorative yoga for better breathing” will be on the 30th November at 6pm in Studio Bhāvanā and via Zoom – please message me in the usual ways to join. 100% of proceeds go to Samaritans. For anyone who has enjoyed these classes I’m intending to make them a monthly feature on the timetable.

Wishing you peace and happiness.

Kim Xx

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