YOGA NEWS W/C. 31st October

Our focus – Moving From A Foundation Of Contentment – continues next week. Please note a few changes to our timetable – NEW beginner’s class starts on Monday morning and Yin returns to Tuesday evenings. I look forward to seeing you in class next week but if you have any questions or concerns about joining a class or returning to class, please get in touch. A warm welcome always awaits 

ON OUR MATS: As we move through our practice, and indeed our lives, we are confronted with challenges, internal dialogue and drama. This is perfectly natural. However, it is not always necessary to react to these thoughts, feelings and emotions. We all possess the ability to witness our thoughts, feelings and emotions without getting too involved. With practice, and using the medium of our bodies and our breath, we can face the challenges that arise in our practice without adding to the mental chatter and drama. This is what moving from a foundation of contentment means. In this block there will be a wide variety of practices to suit each class style but a common thread will run through – the onus being upon the experience more than the outcome. I hope you enjoy the journey.

LIVING OUR YOGA: It’s about learning, not about getting it right. Remember this week that learning is not something we stop doing when we leave school. Learning is all there is. Realising that your life is about learning will reduce self-judgement and contribute to your happiness.

Wishing you peace and happiness.

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