This is our last week of full schedule before we take a break for the Christmas holidays, classes at Space to Breathe will continue without interruption. Also, look out for holiday pop-up classes at Studio Bhāvanā and via Zoom. Recorded classes are available over the holidays for a small charge.

In class this week – we’ll be having a last look at the elements that make up Astavakrasana (eight angle pose), celebrating the journey and all we’ve learned along the way.

Christmas shopping? Liforme mats, Yoga Studio mats, eye pillows, cork and foam blocks and bricks – great choice of colours and good discounts for packages ….. get in touch if you want me to bring anything to class.

ON OUR MATS: Perfect technique in asana will not create happiness. Happiness is not related to an achievement or any other external. On your mat this week allow yourself to be happy in the midst of whatever is happening around you, as imperfect as it may feel.

LIVING OUR YOGA: Laugh! Make a commitment to laugh every day this week. Not only does it relax the diaphragm, but also connects us with ourselves and with others.

Wishing you peace and happiness.

Kim Xx

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