White Horses with Black Ears

Hello and welcome, Our next block, “White Horses with Black Ears”, starts on Monday 18th September and is now open for booking. The inspiration for the block comes from Indian Mythology and the story of the Sage Gālava. The practices in our next block are designed around the themes commitment, perseverance and strength. Peak poses […]


Hello and welcome, This Monday we have our monthly restorative class and it is aligned with this weeks overall theme of PRATYAHARA – Patanjali’s eighth limb of yoga, the class is designed to soothe the senses, quieten the mind and aid restful sleep – details below, all welcome. We’ll continue in different ways in our regular classes this week […]

Restorative Yoga Immersion for Teachers and Trainees with Anna Ashby

Spacetobreathe will be hosting and immersive experience of Restorative Yoga for teachers and trainees allowing space and time to explore the practice and to deeply rest. The interiority and stillness embodied by this style of yoga shift the nervous system out of ‘fight or flight’ into a deeply felt relaxation response. The session will take […]

Freedom, Liberation, Emancipation, Bliss

SUMMER YOGA NEWSBLOCK 5, 2023 – MOKSHA: Exploring the Eight Limbs of Yoga Hello and welcome, Our summer timetable starts next week with a slightly reduced timetable so please check times and venues and join a different class if your usual one is not on. Classes at Space to Breathe continue without interruption. The Yoga […]

“Revising, Revisioning, Wringing Out”

Hello and welcome, Thank you for joining me this week – I hope are enjoying our various flows and balance challenges. We are continuing with our overall theme of Wisdom in Action this week so expect added nuances to our balance focused sequences, but expect to pause and revise. Embodiment is not an obstacle to […]

Wisdom in Action

YOGA NEWS W/C 12th JuneBLOCK 4, 2023 – Wisdom in Action 2 “Love Thyself” Wisdom, Action, Consciousness Hello and welcome, I hope you’re having a good week and are enjoying the sun coming out today whatever your day brings. There are no changes to the timetable this week but I have opened booking for classes […]

Seat of the Soul

Hello and welcome, THANK YOU so much to those who managed with so little notice to join me for the Yoga Nidra in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society – the recording is available if you’d like to try it. The class was part of a wider fundraising day “Stress Less for MS” that my […]

VASANTA – Growth & Renewal

The theme for our new term is “VASANTA” inspired by the change in season. In spring, those aspects of ourselves that have been dormant over the winter months begin to awaken. Nature enters a cycle of renewal, growth and expansion as does the energy within us. For any plant to grow well, the health of […]

Self-care Workshop including Yoga and Self-massage.

Friday 14th April, 9.30am to 4.30pm, Studio Bhāvanā Healthy Fasciae = Optimum Health If you want to be flexible, graceful, and strong you need healthy fasciae (connective tissues). Improve the health of your fasciae with yoga and self-massage to relieve pain, boost your energy, ease anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure and melt years off […]